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This is one of the most ancient towns in central Italy. Its megalithic walls indicate pre-Roman origins. During Roman times it became a very important town. The local Archaeological Museum, set in the rooms of the former convent of the Boccarini Palace, displays a large number of finds, including the stunning bronze statue of Germanicus, one of the best preserved sculptures of its kind.

Another interesting place worth a visit is the system of imposing underground Roman Cisterns which for centuries provided water to the town. These huge rooms are located in the topmost part of the town and could store over 4.000 cubic mts of water.

Amelia rose to another period of splendor throughout the 16th and 17th century, when a number of noble families from Rome chose it as their summer residence and built sumptuous palaces designed by famous architects of the time. Among these are the Venturelli, Farrattini and Petrignani Palaces, which feature elegant frescoed halls and beautiful rooms.

Another remarkable building in town is the charming Social Theatre, which was used as a model for the famous La Fenice theatre in Venice.